Plastic-Surgery-SydneyEveryone may think that if one undergoes a plastic surgery they will go out from the operating room with the celebrity look on their faces and body. That in fact is not true, there are more things that you should know and understand regarding plastic surgery. And below are some of the basic facts and figure that you should know.


  • Plastic surgery is not the same as cosmetic surgery. It is a surgery involving reconstruction of a defective or dysfunctional part of the face and body. Learn more about the difference of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery procedures.
  • Contrary to everyone’s belief, Plastic Surgery derived its name from the Greek word of plastic “plastikos” which means to mold or to shape, and from the Greek word of surgery “kheirorgos” meaning hand work. Plastic surgery is not just beautifying a part of the body but to shape or mold on its normal form with the help of the hands of a surgeon.
  • Gaspare Tagliacozzi is an Italian writer who wrote about the syphilis pervasive outbreak which resulted in nose destruction and the need of plastic surgery that time on his book with a title “De Cortorum Chirugau”. Gaspare Tagliacozzi was then known worldwide to be the “father of modern plastic surgery”.
  • During World War II, plastic surgery is so helpful to the affected people in that period. New techniques were discovered and performed such as microsurgery, extensive skin grafting, reconstruction of the entire limb, antibodies, and more knowledge on the health of tissues.

cosmetic surgery-derma fillersFigures

  • In history, it is believed that plastic surgery is the oldest type of surgery and craniotomy is the first form of plastic surgery which was first done by Peruvians in 10000 BC.
  • The first ever use of the term plastic surgery was dated last 1818 by Karl Ferdinand Graefe on his book entitled “RhinoplastiK”.
  • One amazing fact that you should now is that during 3000 BC in India, damaged nose and ears due to war and any form of punishment made to a person is being reconstructed through the use of skin grafts.
  • During 1931, several surgeons of World War I has established American Association of Plastic Surgery. This association aims to stop the growth of unregulated plastic surgeries.
  • In America, over $14 billion were spent on plastic surgery alone. We can see how many need plastic surgery and how this procedure helps a lot. It is not about physical change alone but also emotional change which may make a better well-being of a person.
  • There are 91% of the total number who undergone plastic surgery was women and 9% accounts to men in the year 2011.

There are more important fact and figure that you should know about Plastic Surgery but for now, at least you have known quite some of the important ones. You should always put in mind that Plastic surgery does not mean to make your appearance better and be more pleasing to others eyes but to make a certain person’s body part having its normal appearance and function back. By this procedure, the totality of the life of a person is changed into a better one.