Pre and post breast implant surgery in Brisbane

After a successful breast implant surgery at our clinic in Brisbane, the next step is usually the recovery. The length of time of recovery depends on how you carry yourself during this defining yet crucial phase of the surgery. For some it takes a shot time while for others, it can take a bit of time. In this article, we are going to look at the various things that you will do to go through as you recover from a successful breast implant surgery from our Breast implants Brisbane clinic. Follow the link to check out our website and speak to one of our experienced & most reputable Cosmetic surgeon in Brisbane, Dr James Chen. Continue reading below for more information about the Pre-op and Post-op.


Before the surgery, you will need to put things in order and in particular, the ones that you will need after the surgery. Prepare your bed so that when you come back, you will find an inviting and welcoming place.


Pain may be too much to bear once you are discharged hence you may need to have someone not only drive you to the surgery centre, you will also need someone to bring you back home and offer you the support needed for the first day. The anesthesia will not have worn off completely, more the reason while you will not be best suited to drive,


As long as you keep yourself comfortable, recovery is short and in no time, you will be back on your feet, doing your wok as you know it best. Once you are discharged and you get home, get yourself your favourite novel or magazine. They will put you in the right mood and help you to recover from the surgery. Surround yourself with encouraging music or persons especially on the first day.

First days

The first few days will not be your best for the obvious reason that you will still be feeling groggy. You will not only feel sore but will also experience some degree of pain. At this point, make the most out of the painkillers that you will be given at the surgery center but more important is that you should keep yourself as explained above.

Surgeons dissuade patients from bathing the first few days and especially in the first 48 hours after the surgery. If you feel that you must bathe within this time, then you must get the nod from the surgeon so as to avoid any arising complications.

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7 days on

One week has elapsed since you had a surgery. Things will have changed a lot at this point. For one, you will be able to engage in light duties which include reporting to your work station. However, you should be cautious not to do heavy work as this might put a strain on the healing breast implants at the points on incisions.

14 days later

At this point, you have really made tremendous progress in healing and will be able to do much more of the daily chores. You will still not be out of the woods yet and should not engage in strenuous exercises. Going to the gym will be out of question as you will still have the special bra own for support.

One month onwards

From now on, you will be free to exercise.