When it comes to facelift surgery, there are a number of issues which arise. The procedures are usually different with the following 3 main things being the main determinant. The first one is the type of incision. The facial plastic surgeon will make different kinds of incisions. There are some incisions which are deep while others are superficial. The incision could also be made horizontally or vertically, depending on the part of the face where the facelift surgery is being carried out. It is important that the surgeon makes it clear what kind of surgery will be carried out.

Area of the face

The facelift surgery will differ, depending on the area of the face it will be carried out. For instance, we have the face, the nose, neck and the cheeks. Each of these parts of the face has specific procedures which are carried out.

Extent of invasion

When it comes to the facelift surgery, the incisions made differ; some are deep while others are not. The surgeon will determine the nature and extent of the invasion during incision. Some areas of the face require deep and invasive while others do not. The tissue and the nature of the underlying part of the face also influence to some extent the   extent of the surgery.

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Face structure

Before a facial plastic surgeon determines the nature and type of surgery to be carried out, the face structure has to be determined.

The appearance concerns of the patient

The patient is a major determinant when it comes to the facelift surgery. Patients guide the procedure, albeit indirectly. They are the ones who tell the surgeon what they expect the results to be. For instance, a patient with a crooked nose would want to have a straight, shorter nose as opposed to a straight long nose. If the patient feels that a certain facelift surgical procedure will not produce the desired results, the surgeon will simply work how to make the results reflect the wishes of the patient. It is worth noting people seeking facelift surgery are sensitive on any matter relating to their appearance. They may suffer from stress and withdraw due to the way they look.

The surgeon

The surgeon plays an important role when it comes to the facelift surgery. Some surgeons are specialists in certain areas, hence will offer better results than others. Rather than choose any surgeon, it would be advisable to go for a surgeon who has experience in certain areas of facelift surgery. This way, you will be guaranteed of getting the desired results.

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Desired results

What kind of results do you expect? This is usually one of the common questions which the surgeon will ask the patient before performing the surgery. Sometimes the patent has unrealistic expectations of what the results will be as opposed to what they turn out to be.  During consultation, the surgeon will be honest and realistic, telling what can be done and what will be difficult to change during the procedure.