A large percentage of the population suffer from teeth issues in some shape or form. The amount of people young and old that have decaying teeth with the presence of cavities with surprise you. Many people visit a cosmetic dentist to have either rotting teeth removed or cavities filled and repaired. There are also many people that desire better-looking teeth and decide to get dental veneers. The difference dental veneers make the appearance of your teeth is rather amazing and can give you an appearance of having perfect looking teeth. Speak to our affordable dentist in Parramatta for dental implant options.

The Most Frequently-Asked Questions Regarding Dental Implants

What is an ideal age to get dental implants?

At some point in a person’s life, he may lose some teeth due to a variety of causes. That means that a person is eligible for getting dental implants if tooth loss or damage happens. There are those who start losing their teeth the moment they become adolescents while others do during their middle ages. With missing teeth comes bone deformity and loss, which results in a diminished size for the jaw bone. This is a common problem for people with dentures. After some time, their dentures feel a little too snug or uncomfortable to wear, leaving them in the most uncompromised situations which can happen in public like losing their dentures. One of the benefits of having dental implants is that the normal spacing or loading of the bone structure is eventually restored, preventing further risks for bone loss. You will have lesser chances of getting jawbone deformity the earlier you seek a solution or replacement for your missing teeth.

Is getting dental implants a good choice for me?

Dental implants offer many long-term benefits to those who seek to have it. In general, these implants are quite suitable or ideal for most individuals. But then again, you will need to undergo diagnostic visualizations and exams in order to determine whether you have good-quality and enough bone matter to support them. There are some medical conditions that may deem having the implants counterproductive for you. That is why a thorough consultation is needed in order to know more about your condition and to determine what is best for you

Where should I get the best dental implants

Dental implant installation is quite a safe and very popular procedure. It involves a highly sophisticated aspect of dentistry. That’s why a specialist must be trained well in order to provide a safe and effective treatment of care for clients.

The procedure

The installation of the dental implant will be done through surgery. And it’s to be performed by a maxilla-facial surgeon, a periodontist, or a specialist dentist.

Design and construction of prosthetic teeth

The construction of artificial teeth is performed by a dentist, a prosthodontist or a dental technician.

Replacement of a single tooth

In the past, there are only two choices for treatment addressed to individuals who have a missing tooth. It’s either they’re provided with a temporary false tooth or a dental bridge will be anchored to the teeth. The downside to that procedure is that the surrounding healthy teeth will be ground down as a couple of crowns will be placed above the remaining surface of the tooth. As of today, there’s a better option when it comes to tooth replacement. This includes the use of dental implants which is used to replace a missing tooth without having to inflict any damage on the surrounding healthier natural teeth.

What do dental implants look like?

Let’s put it this way. A dental implant has two parts. The titanium screw which is surgically bored into the natural bone structure of the jaw and the ceramic crown which is screwed to top off the implant.

What is osseointegration?

Osseointegration is the natural process in which the artificial implant binds or integrates to the natural bone structure of the mandible.

Will it resemble natural teeth and will it last a lifetime?

The bonding process will be completed with time, afterward, your dentist shall take a mold of the mouth since a lifelike tooth will be fitted on top of the implant. In a matter of two weeks, the new ceramic tooth will be attached to the implant, making the artificial replacement look and function more naturally.

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